Things to think about when getting a new HVAC system

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Air Conditioning Replacement

Not only is your HVAC system important for your comfort, but it’s also important for your work.

In some places, the days can be too cold or too hot to work, which makes people less focused and less able to get things done. Some businesses need to have a good HVAC system, not just because it’s nice to have one. It could be anything from commercial refrigeration services to hot water tanks. When you think about it, it’s easy to see how important the HVAC system is.

Most of the time, problems start to happen with old systems that use less energy efficient. Many people find that repairs are an unnecessary cost, and from a financial point of view, it makes more sense to just replace or upgrade their air conditioner. Here are some things to think about when you need to replace your HVAC.


The most obvious factor is budget, which often limits what can and cannot be thought about. Think about not only the initial cost, but also how it will work in the long run and how much it will cost to keep up. Talk to an HVAC expert in your area to get a real cost estimate. What are the needs of your building? If there are any discounts or deals in your area, it could also bring down the total cost. At Elkton Home Heating and Air, our main concern is always the customer, not how much money we can make. We want you to have the best system, which will not only save you money upfront but also help you save money on energy costs over time.

Cooling Power

How much power does your heating and cooling system really need? Going too far doesn’t help anyone, and it ends up being a waste in more than one way. Several things determine how much cooling your building needs. The size of your building is the most obvious of these. As a general rule, a larger home will need more cooling, so it will need an HVAC system with more power. Another thing to think about is where you are in the world and what the weather is like there. If the temperature around you is higher, you’ll need more cooling power than in other climates. One more of these factors is the number of people, since a larger number of people needs more cooling. This is because people give off heat, which raises the temperature of their surroundings. There are many other things that go into figuring out how much cooling power is needed, which is why it’s always best to get a professional opinion.


Try to figure out how much time you have to find a replacement. Having your HVAC system break down in the winter or summer would be terrible, so it’s best to avoid any problems along those lines from the start. Try to give yourself at least a month to plan and find the best HVAC system for you.

Age of Current System

The United States Department of Energy says that the average life of an air conditioner is between 15 and 20 years. This brings up the issue of time, and how important it is to give estimates when setting deadlines for finding new HVAC systems. It’s also important to note that the temperature and humidity of a place play a big role in figuring out how long a unit is expected to last. For example, warmer and more humid places will have a shorter lifespan of about 10 to 12 years.

Building Lifespan

A lot of people don’t think about this, but if you’re planning to move out of your current place soon, you might not need a whole new HVAC system. Instead, it might be better to either move out faster or get a temporary replacement or repair. But it should also be said that a new HVAC system raises the price of your location. In the end, it’s up to you whether or not to get one.

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